Palomar Mountain


Palomar Mountain State Park

Palomar Mountain has always held a special place in mine and Hannah's heart. When we first started seeing each other, I took her to Palomar Mountain. Our love for nature draws us closer as we experience new things together. The mountain is full of surprises... never have we ever experienced a conventional sunny day on the mountain. We have found our way out of the fog that rolls in at the drop of a hat, roads so icy in winter my KIA Forte needed to be shoveled out, wind that could blow Hannah's hair out and now, this time, a warm summer rain storm. 

Although it was not our intention to go up the mountain during the storm, we finally embraced mother nature and let the rain come down as we basked in all it's glory. Here is Palomar Mountain.



Highway S7
E Grade Road
Boucher Hills Lookout
Mother's Kitchen
Fry Creek Campground
The Yellow Deli in Valley Center


Peak was driving the mountain roads, sharing the sights and finding new spots with good friends. Lunch at The Yellow Deli was bright and in classic yellow vibes; this location is worth the distance. We bought blue rain ponchos, but were still soaking wet. In the field where Hannah & I shot was an unexpected cow grazing field, the fog was so thick we could only hear them mooing.

Pit that turned into a peak was the constant rain. It turned into another memorable trip to the mountain, but our actual picnic was called off because of rain.



Brogen is a good friend, a wedding photographer and a published fashion photographer. Her creative mind is truly inspiring in the way she captures the essence of the moment. With our mutual respect for photography and seeing new things, Hannah, David & I enjoyed Brogen as she captured the sights at Palomar Mountain. This was a special day for all of us. Thank you for capturing us. It was a honor.

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Photos by Brogen Jessup