South Dakota & Lexington, Nebraska

Driving the President's Highway through the Black Hills, being 650 feet below the Earth's surface in Jewel Cave, viewing the rolling hills of South Dakota and running through the corn field's in Nebraska.



Mount Rushmore
Jewel Cave
Lodge at Sylvan Lake
Needles Highway
Peter Nobek Scenic Byway
Road 47 & Highway 80



South Dakota

Peak was dock life. My favorite past time is lying on a private dock and watching the day go by. The Lodge at Sylvan Lake rents out canoes and has great ice cream and snacks. There is a loop trail around the lake that is the most picturesque in all the Black Hills.

Pit there is such a large deer population in the Black Hills National Forest that it's not uncommon for you to see a few down on the side of the roads.


Peak of Nebraska was running through the corn fields with my brother Bryce. Being out all day, laying by the river for hours, felt like we were young boys again. Also, experiencing The Fourth of July in a MidWestern State was a night to remember forever.

Pit the smells from the factories hit you fast and hard when your windows are down.